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Boxchain officially launched at the Home Delivery World Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a great conference with over 1400 people in attendance over two days.

We chose Atlanta due to our burgeoning relationship with Georgia Tech delving into the world’s of predictive analytics, simulation and artificial intelligence. Thanks to all those who passed our booth and to all those we met over the two days, and to the conference organisers for a great effort in bringing people together. It was exciting to hear the interest in what we are doing here at Boxchain.

Our Executive Director, Stephen Hill, led a panel discussion on Blockchain applications in the logistics service provider and retail industries. Great audience participation and interesting to hear the concerns towards Blockchain technologies. Notably, functional application when dealing with a high volume of data and security / protection of intellectual property on public chains. Stephen addressed these concerns pointing to Boxchain, which allows customers to store only the information necessary in the chain whilst holding personal or sensitive information natively in Boxchain.

Stephen also spoke alongside Tina Postel, Loaves and Fishes Executive Director and Boxchain’s first customer, and John-Paul Clarke, Professor at Georgia Tech. The themes were leveraging data, predictive analytics and Enabling Autonomous Decision Making through the use of Smart Contracts.

We will be back on the road soon, in the meantime interested to know more about Boxchain? Contact us at hello@boxchain.com or +44 118 935 7361

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