Libraries and Modules

Boxchain is composed of multiple modules. Each module is formed by a set of libraries that can be independently deployed and grouped by the customer into new modules to form unique solutions. Boxchain customers license just the modules needed to run their supply chain and through our IDE (integrated development environment) can chose, extend or custom build libraries.


Boxchain IDE is an embedded development environment designed to streamline and expedite the building of libraries and solutions on the Boxchain platform. The IDE is about control and flexibility. Through experience we understand what works, our libraries follow best practice and have been developed based on this knowledge. A one-size-fits-all approach is flawed however, therefore in the IDE customers are empowered to build their own solutions.

With an intuitive user interface, low code methodology, built-in configuration and release management, Boxchain IDE drastically reduces the time to go-live with enterprise applications.

Available Modules

Smart Components

Modular Applications

Incremental Approach

Integrated Development Environment

Innovative Features

Latest Web and Cloud Services

Data Persistence

Truly Scalability


Cutting Edge Technologies

Event Sourcing



Autonomous Agents

Enable Smart Decisions

Real-time Events Monitoring

Drag and Drop GUI

Big Data Analytics

Accelerated Simulation